Heat up the beef fat and spread it on your pan / pot

Fry the scallions for about 1 minutes

Add a drizzle of sukiyaki sauce and some wagyu beef slices

Recommendations M9: Medium, A5: Well-Done

Add the rest of the soup and let it simmer to boil

Add the vegetables you like and beef on the go

Mix the egg as the dipping sauce for the beef then

Foie Gras Bimbiba

Pan frying foie gras both sides until golden brown.

Heat up truffle & rice for 1 minute in microwave.

Mix the foie gras with the rice.


BBQ Wagyu Beef

Use the marinate sauce to marinate the beef for 2 minutes.

Heat the pan and put the beef on the heated pan.

Recommendation: Medium to Medium Well.

Cook the beef until the edge turns brown, then flip it over.

Once flipped over, cook the beef for around 30-40 seconds *Be careful not too over-cooked.

Dip our choice of barbecue sauces as you like.

Shabu Shabu

Pour the Soy milk / Dashi soup in the pot on low heat.

When it starts to boil, place some vegetables in the pot (Please avoid placing all the vegetables at once to refrain it from burning in the bottom.)

Skim the foam and leave it for 2 mins.

Cook the Wagyu beef as you like.

Enjoy your shabushabu with 2 types of sauce (Ponzu & Sesame Sauce.)